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Organic Oasis


What we do in the organic oasis is not a business-driven but a strive to encourage better eating habit in the local community. This passion serves as a motivation to produce vegetables, which are full of healthy goodness and fresh to the core. Vicinity of the farm in Dubai gives us an Added advantage. Production, harvesting, shelving and getting to your Farm Fresh Organic produced on your plate does not take more than few hours!

Who We Are

The Organic Oasis Farms were developed following the international standards. We are Organically certified by the German certifying body BCS Öko–Garantie GmbH and Locally by ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology) Compliance with the local and international standards help us produce a wide array of best quality organic vegetables, fruits, and eggs.

Organic Oasis is the perfect place for you. Whether you are the health conscious type or an individual who aims to improve your diet and keep it balanced, we can help you enjoy every biting experience you will have from now and moving forward to sustainable living. We offer Organic Fruits and vegetables, Farm Fresh Free-range eggs & specialty organic produce.

Organic Oasis implements transparency to consumers and that is why we encourage farm visits. This is a way for consumers to experience real life farming and it is also a chance for them to see how we grow and produce all the organic products we have currently in place. In addition, we also meet and exceed expectations for corporate buying and orders as we deeply understand your needs as well.

Healthy lifestyles are necessary to counter the fast pace and stress of work. We open our doors to not only our customers. But whoever wants to relax in the Oasis of Organic goodness not very far from home. This relaxes you and at the same time you can learn about our farming techniques and methods.

With the organic niche of the market relatively unexplored and market full of imported organic produce, this initiative to Serve this niche of the market was taken by an Emirati family. This serves as our motivation as we give you a taste of first-hand choices from a vibrant utilizing 6 hectares farms, we offer a wide array of top quality organic Vegetables, fruits, and eggs.

Organic Oasis Farm View
Organic Oasis Farm Visit

What Makes Us Unique

Organic Oasis, we capitalize on our unique capability of establishing trust and transparency by keeping our doors wide open for all visitors from all walks of life to unleash the wonders of organic experience in our all-natural farm. This paves the way towards building solid connection with clients who can deal directly with our farms to explore how we do the life cycle of organic food production and validate our production techniques to ensure the highest quality and originality. This translates into fulfilling our vision and passionate belief that top quality organic products cultivate strong customer engagement and satisfaction.

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