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We are not just doing business, we engage our clients in our shared vision towards healthy living, environmental protection and sustainability. Thus, we have established our credibility by letting you see how we grow, nurture and harvest our organic produce through actual visitation that we cater to different groups in the society. This will also propagate awareness towards a sustainable way of farming in the wider perspective. Schedule your visit and we will prove that Organic Oasis is worth your time!


Open Day (Every friday of december season) for all

Our doors are open for visitation to everyone so you may witness our lush and enjoy the fresh farm and take advantage of our produce within the season or month.

Be the first to enjoy the best of our products and feel all of them with your own bare hands. Do not miss your chance to keep you closer where our success story begins. Please let us know your arrival by booking your event online – it’s just a click away. Take note there will be a charge of 30AED per person.

We aim to take part in educating Students to better understand the benefits of going organic. We encourage students to become more engaged and for them to gain basic understanding and apply it by embracing on sustainable living, through the organic products we made available for them.

We accommodate corporate group of people and provide unique opportunity to connect them with nature. Exploring our organic farm creates overall experience that promotes relaxation; ignite interest from diverse collection of organic products that enables visitors to embrace healthy food choices to be holistically well and be able to perform.

We cater to private company group as well as family visits. With open arms, we are always thrilled to encourage you to take advantage of our organic products and discover that there are ample alternatives you can enjoy at affordable price too. It’s all worth it! For your visit reservation a minimum of 20pax in a group.